What is Coop Fund?

Coop Fund is an experimental cooperative funding platform that accumulates financial resources through member contributions, and redistributes small funds to members using a cooperative decision making process.


The purpose of Coop Fund is to

What Is A Cooperative?

A cooperative is an organization in which ownership and decision making are distributed democratically between all members.

The International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) defines a cooperative as, "an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise."

Cooperatives are based on values of

self-help self-responsibility
democracy equality
equity solidarity
honesty openness
social responsibility caring for others

How Coop Fund Works
Becoming a Member
  • Read the Coop Fund Purpose, Principles, Participation document
  • Decide to become a member and sign up with our online form
  • Subscribe with a minimum of $3/month. You can increase your subscription if and when you have the means to do so.
  • Join Coop Fund's discussion and voting forum on the online platform Loomio.
  • Have a proposal? Submit it on the Loomio forum!
Join Coop Fund

Thank you for your interest in joining Coop Fund. To become a member, complete the form below called.

Upon submitting the form, you will receive an email with information about how paying your monthly subscription via bank transfer. To use PayPal, select a monthly amount and click "Subscribe" below the form.

When payment set-up is complete, you will recieve an email with instructions for joining the Coop Fund forum on Loomio. Questions? Email

Coop Fund Membership Form

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Glossary of Cooperative Terms [1]

bucket - A place to keep the money.

bylaws - Legal document developed by and agreed on by members, that sets out the practical, governing rules of a cooperative. [view Coop Fund bylaws]

caring for others - Investing in the needs of other people.

certificate of incorporation - Legal document that sets out the purpose of the organization, legal incorporators and directors. [view Coop Fund certificate of incorporation]

community - People in communication.

cooperative - An autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise.

decision making - All members have one vote, and are encouraged to participate in decisions regarding the governance of Coop Fund and how funds are allocated.

democratic member control - Members have the right to participate, to be informed, to be heard and to be involved in making decisions. Members are the source of all authority in the cooperative.
“The basic unit of the co-operative is the member...This basis in human personality is one of the main features distinguishing a cooperative from firms controlled primarily in the interests of capital.” - ICA Background Paper

equality - Equal rights and opportunities for people to participate democratically improves the use resources and fosters mutuality, understanding and solidarity.

equity - Fair distribution of income and power in society should be based on labor, not ownership of capital.

experimental - This is an experiment.

funds - Money paid by members, that is kept in the Coop Fund bank account. Money paid out to members who make proposals for funds that they need.

honesty - Transparency about how decisions are made and how things are done.

Loomio - The online decision-making platform.

member - Individuals or organizations who voluntarily accept the terms of membership, subscribe to Coop Fund, and who can apply for funds.

member contributions - The money members pay into Coop Fund.

needs - Something that is required. In the case of Coop Fund members are asked to think about what they need, and if Coop Fund could be a structure that supports part of those needs.

openness - Willingness to listen and revise.

platform - A space for individuals to conduct collaborative work.

proposal - Members make Proposals that are requests for funding. A Proposal can be for funds that will help with individual needs and or to further mutuality with others or to develop cooperation in work and life.

resources - Funds, conversation, community.

self-help - People are able to improve their circumstances through joint action which can be more powerful than individual effort.

self-responsibility - Members are accountable.

small funds - As the project grows the amount of funds grows. Because of the nature of this project, Coop Fund may not always have a large amount of money to give out.

social responsibility - Consider the needs of society

solidarity - A cooperative has a responsibility for the wellbeing of its members and other cooperatives.

voluntary and open membership - Coop Fund is a voluntary organization, open to all persons willing to accept the responsibilities of membership without gender, social, racial, political or religious discrimination.

voting - Members make their decisions based on whether a proposal is in line with the mission and purpose of Coop Fund.

workshop - Coop Fund provides education and training for members and non members.

[1]Some of these definitions are adapted from the International Co-operative Alliance.

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History and Current Format

In the beginning of 2017, as part of Authorization Sessions at Artists Space, Emma Hedditch organized an eight week Cooperative Study Discussion Course with Artists Space staff members Rachel Peddersen, Harry Burke, Colleen O’Connor and Jamie Stevens.

Greer Dworman, Tess Dworman, Michelle Coffey, Richard Birkett, and Laurel Atwell participated in some of these sessions.

Following this course Emma conducted further research into cooperative organizations in Edinburgh, with Rhubaba Gallery, and The Showroom in London.

In August 2017, Emma joined with Lydia Okrent and Elsa Brown in New York and together they started to work on the development of an online and in person cooperative funding platform, Coop Fund.

Coop Fund is inspired by the many historical and contemporary international types of Rotating Savings and Credit Associations and Solidfund, a workers cooperative in the U.K..